Monday, November 10, 2014

More Vocal Training

The fourteen remaining hotshots woke to a cool day and began their day with some breathing exercises with RJ Benjamin. He started the housemates off with a full warm up, beginning with music by Maxwell as a background track for the first exercise. He told them that they needed to work on strengthening their stamina's to ensure that they remained at their best.

Speaking to JJ at the beginning, RJ said that if he was to gig about four times a week, he would have to take special care of his voice. He told them that it was important to have stamina as the audience wanted to experience an artist at their best and were often not kind if they were dished out with anything less.

RJ soon got the housemates to humming in order to open up their vocal chords. He asked for two strong vocalists and Sheillah and Butterphly were the first up. Sheillah had to pick a note and Butterphly had to copy and match the note. The two did absolutely well and Butterphly was quite a surprise.

Sheillah had to then select a melody and Butterphly had to again copy and match it. RJ was happy with them and changed things a little by asking Sheillah to harmonise above Butterphly. We must admit that it sounded good! Butterphly was clearly pleased with herself. Things got a little tougher as they had to take harmonising a note higher but it all remained fun!

The morning session flowed easily and two other couples made their attempts at harmonising.

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