Monday, November 10, 2014

Movie Week

Sipe called her fellow housemates to the lounge in order to read to them a brief from Biggie. This week's theme was announced to be movie week! Housemate's acting skills would be challenged to new heights.

Biggie expected housemates to write, direct, produce and star in a Silent Movie for the week's presentation. Housemates were also expected to conceptualise and develop an original score together with a pianist for the silent movie.

The brief stated that Biggie would provide housemates with the chance to shop for wardrobe and accessories for the presentation on a specially designed Payporte website. Since the presentation was to be a silent movie, housemates would be provided with boards and writing equipment on which to write their dialogue for the movie.

Biggie wanted the housemates to be as dramatic as ever with this week's task. With that announced, it was time for the hotshots to decide on their wager for the week. All housemates had to be in agreement regarding the wager percentage.

Housemates agreed on a wager and decided on another 100% of the weekly luxury shopping allowance. Sipe took the news back to Biggie and she assured Biggie that they understood what was expected from them and were sure to deliver an equally top-notch presentation!

Biggie accepted their wager and told the housemates to work hard. The housemates could have been potentially a little too confident but they have not disappointed in their past presentations. Do you think they are geared up for another 100% wager win in their pockets?

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