Sunday, November 02, 2014

Musical Maestro Permithias

Housemates were fast becoming one big fat musical ensemble and Sundays were usually the days when they flexed their musical muscle with abandon. Call him what you will but Permithias was always at the helm of these juicy creative and soul-feeding moments.

A seasoned and equally talented musician Permithias took to creating songs like water to thirst. Indeed his songs often breathed life into house sparking and encouraging even more talent to emerge from the dark. His creative confidence gave others the permission to explore their talent and free their creativity.

While he didn't exactly need a posse but he could often be seen to share his musicality with fellow like-minds Kacey Moore and JJ and together they made magic.

When he picked up that guitar the housemates were like bees to honey as they gathered around him and immersed themselves in the music. So engulfing had the force of music become inside the house that Tayo confessed he felt blessed to be part of this pool of talent.

Sheillah and Ellah often laid a feminine touch to the harmonizing.

Luis was also inspired by his musician country mate to write a ballad of love to Mira, his light at the end of the tunnel. Luis had since been polishing the ditty and we couldn't wait for the swan song. Macky2 was also emerging with the talent his fans had been begging for.

Permithias also penned some of the popular tunes that caught the imagination of the house. His creations were fast becoming sound tracks to the Big Brother Hotshots experience.

"Open arms", "Nigerian loud, Zulu proud" and "Rain drops" had become something of anthems and had us and the viewers singing cheerfully along. "Inhliziyo yami yonke" (all my heart) was a tender love song that just plucked at our heartstrings.

Which Hotshot song or rhyme was making its way into your heart this season?

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