Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nhlanhla & Sheillah Engaged

The Extravaganza is back this week and the latest theme is: music videos. The Hotshots will be given the backing track of the ONE Campaign Band Aid Song "Cocoa na Chocolate".

Teams must work together to create a new version of the song with the theme "Food in Africa". The Music Video Extravaganza should raise awareness around the plight of agriculture in Africa

They were instructed to use the knowledge they had gained during Creative Food Week in order to relay the message that food in Africa needs to be preserved and used sustainably. The message was to remain positive and simple. Big Brother has invited special guests to help housemates with the preparation and execution of this extravaganza.

While housemates lounged around working on tasks and contemplating the Extravaganza, a less serious engagement took place between. Sheillah and Nhlanhla decided to get "engaged" after Goitse instigated the fun, asking Nhlanhla is he was going to propose.

His answer was yes and he slipped a ring onto Sheillah's finger, asking her to marry him. Goitse then decided there needed to be a contract and Nhlanhla joked that he would be signing his life away.

They began dictating the terms and conditions of the contract and signed it, egging on the other housemates to join in and sign as witnesses. JJ said that he wanted five days before signing anything, while Idris said he needed two weeks. Sheillah, meanwhile, said it would be fifteen years before they got married.

Before long they started wondering if Nhlanhla would be a faithful husband and started defining what counted as cheating. What did you think about the Nhlanhla's and Sheillah's engagement? Do you think they would make a good married couple?


  1. Dey can b good couples,bt I think for dis it is Jxt a show and a ChiLd's pLay...!Mac2 is The winnerrrrrrr....

  2. Tayo the winner, hes got wat it takes to win the money!

  3. Really?Who is fooling Who?