Saturday, November 15, 2014

No More Immunity

It's Extravaganza time tonight! Over the weeks the housemates have had an incredible creative journey. The diverse and different Extravaganza themes have given them a chance to dabble in the art and craft of singing, dancing, acting and writing.

Housemates have shone in different areas, learning new skills, exploring their talent and uncovering a new found passion for the arts. Along the way, they have had various instructors and trainers giving them valuable advice.

Putting on a performance piece takes a lot of hard work and housemates have had to do it all themselves – from writing scripts and learning lines to choreographing and directing, they’ve been on their own. On occasion, Biggie has been kind enough to provide props and backdrops for the stage, which do a lot to make the performances more lively and engaging.

The tasks are usually connected to the Extravaganza, giving the housemates a chance to get acquainted with their theme. We have seen them throw a lot of energy into their creative productions, but today the rain had made them struggle to get to work.

However, a few of the housemates persevered despite the bad weather. Butterphly practised her lines, while Idris worked on the script, with Trezagah contributing once he woke up. The rest of the Hotshots lost their sizzle and lazed around the house. M'am Bea joined eventually, studying her lines, while Nhlanhla remained passed out on the couch.

Between Shakespeare, Bollywood, pantomime, shadow theatre and musicals, we have seen almost everything. Tonight we will be treated to a Nollywood and modern soap opera Extravaganza. Hopefully the housemates will break a leg – a theatre term meaning good luck – and dazzle and delight us yet again. They even got a visit from Nigerian actor and director Desmond Elliot, imparting sage advice.

A lot rides on the Extravaganza, because the winning team receives immunity from nominations. However, this week will be a little different, as there is a special reward for the winning team - a message from their loved ones - instead of immunity. What could Big Brother be planning for the housemates, especially after the surprise introduction of Figgie?

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