Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Nomination Pressure, Permithias Breaks Down

It may be Comedy Week but some housemates were struggling to see the funny in it, well not last night at least. The impromptu comedy sketch show went some way in cheering the housemates up but after news of the nominations was announced it toppled the mood over.

Old dogs in the pool of the nominated Permithias and Ellah learned that all the hoping in the world didn’t preclude them landing on that list. Their tough skin peeled off and they again had to face the emotional roller-coaster of being up for eviction. Every time they were up it was indeed chipping away at their hearts.

With so many Hotshots having sashayed away it was clear that this was not a game for the faint of heart.

Ellah tried to build up her defences after she heard her name but when M'am Bea came over and laid her nurturing hand on her shoulder she confessed she was carrying the colossal weight of yet another eviction held over her head. She concluded she was clueless about what, if anything, Africa saw in her.

Nominations also clipped Permithias' wings last night. He retreated to his guitar for most of the night perhaps in a bid to try and cope with the stress. He eventually broke down and put it in a song, as only he would. He cried "please laugh at my jokes" in plea for housemates and Africa to like him or give him a chance at least.

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