Monday, November 24, 2014

Nominations: 7 In Danger

The live show was absolute fun as it was filled with Biggie's twist and turns and it was particularly different as there were fake evictions and Biggie also revealed the week-long prank. All the hotshots were to remain in the house for another week and were all eligible for nominations accept for Trezagah who was already up for nomination after he broke the freeze task rule.

Soon after the live show had ended, most housemates got emotional and broke down to tears at the news of having being pranked and safe in the house yet again. But of course life had to continue as Biggie had made it clear that they were all eligible for nominations as there was no Extravaganza. Housemates were soon summoned to the diary room one by one to make their nominations for the coming week.

Tayo, Macky2, Sheillah, Idris, Sipe and Goitse were popular names that were mentioned in the diary room. Butterphly said that she was not getting on well with Sheillah as was the case with Macky2 and was genuinely not excited in competing against the both of them.

Idris said that Tayo often hurt other people's feelings and did not expect them to do the same to him which he thought was selfish behaviour. Macky2 simply said that Tayo was strong competition for him and would rather eliminate him.

Sipe nominated Goitse and stated that she had changed character with the inclusion of the ex-housemates and could not be trusted as she alienated herself from the rest of the Hotshots. M'am Bea also agreed with Sipe as she confirmed that the young lass had indeed changed faces.

Sheillah nominated Sipe because she felt she was a real diva that was a threat to her and so had to get rid of her and Trezagah said that she had a fake character. Nhlanhla nominated Idris and said that if pit against him, he knew that Idris would win and so for him, he had to eliminate the threat. Sheillah also noted that Idris was a strong competitor. JJ was another popular name and we wonder how many hotshots will be sent home next week Sunday?

With the nominations done, the store room was soon opened and the hotshots could not be any more pleased as they had a lot of sorrows to drown in those drinks! The drinks brought back the laughter and conversation that we had missed amongst the hotshots and was good to see them united, dancing and feeling better again.

Butterphly: Sheillah and Macky2
Ellah: Tayo and Sheillah
Goitse: JJ and Tayo
Idris: Sheillah and Tayo
JJ: Goitse and Sipe
Macky2: Tayo and Nhlanhla
M'am Bea: Goitse and Macky2
Nhlanhla: Macky2 and Idris
Sheillah: Idris and Sipe
Sipe: JJ and Goitse
Tayo: Macky2 and Idris
Trezagah: Butterphly and Sipe

Total nominations:
Trezagah - Auto-nomination
Tayo - 4
Macky2 - 4
Idris - 3
Sheillah - 3
Goitse - 3
Sipe - 3
JJ - 2
Nhlanhla - 1
Butterphly - 1

Update: The following housemates are up for possible eviction this week. Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheillah, Sipe, Tayo, Trezagah and Ellah (added by HoH Macky2).


  1. Trezagas punishemnt wasnt fair,idris broke the door and nothing was done,stop favouratism...that was too harsh,for sm1 who just unfroze..mxm,i hope africa saves him.

  2. It is not favouratism,IT IS BIGGIE'S HOUSE,IT IS BIGGIE'S..Why you didnt complain when goitse was automaticaly nominated for the same reason as trez,he broke the rule,,and he is on the choping board,deal with that

  3. I'd say its Fair!! With Idris, it was a mistake and with Trez on the other hand, he knew the consequences and yet went through. Its not like he didnt know what would happen after Biggie warned them

  4. Yes u are right bba management has favourite candidate can u imaging giving most funiest HM to marky2 and craziest to sipe this is absolutely nonsense we all knw dat prize surpose to go to Tayo the same offence butterfly did is same with the Trezagas. BBA management hate Trezaga,Tayo they are finding ways to eliminate them and if this continue with maniputated voting BBA will loss their fans and reputations

  5. idris has it to voting idris from zimbabwe if jj is not going to be on nomination list today

  6. biggie is nigerian so please stop this nonsense of saying bba management is not favouring tayo.biigie just gives results.about the star meters please you fans are the ones voting based on regions.this game has become nothing but a regional battle .biggie has real cause for africa to unte but fans are taking it the other way .let the best man win .in my own opinion
    sneakiest housemates was supposed to be macky 2 of which he took it.
    funniest housemate idris
    craziest housemate -tayo
    sipe is a diva not crazy
    probably people dont know what crazy means ,all they want is for their housemates to win something
    give idris the money guys ,he is funny
    tanzania,uganda,ghana,nambia ,rwanda ,kenya zim,lets do it for idris
    zambia when did we become have stopped voting for zimbabwe.why

  7. Vote Tayo. He has swag and is a total winning package of BBA Season 9. He is full of fun, entertainment and drama. Naija, Ghana, ROA, Rwanda, Uganda, SA, Nambia for Tayo.

  8. How can zambia vote for zimbabwe when butterfly repeatedly nominates macky 2?

  9. Ghana,Nigeria,Rwanda,ROA voting for Tayo

  10. Yeah Tayo can be crazy sometimes but he is so real and friendly too. This game should be about reality... From SA, am voting Tayo this week. Since our king Nhlanhla is not up. #TeamTayo

    1. Carefull dear, macky 2 is head of the house and he will put up nhlanhla so way to help safe tayo say your boy

  11. Mary2 will win this, stop westing your votes on other people.

  12. Ghana is voting marky2 en idris.

  13. Tayo does not need votes from any country apart from nigeria. Rwanda is voting Sipe.

  14. Butterfly,Shiellah and Nlanlalah broke rule dey were given light punishment,Trezaga and Goistse were given hash punishment can U imaging given most funnies to marky2,most crazies to Sipe haha we all knw dat d prize belong to Tayo BBA mgt has case to answer at d end of d programme somebody who has entertain Africans will emerge in dupious voting enough of favorism

  15. I cant understand biggie anymore, given Tayo's gift to Marky2 and Sipe is dubious

  16. Vote Tayo Nigeria, Ghana, SOA, Namibia and Rwanda.....Pls vote Tayo

  17. Macky2 may be boring but he still stands out in character.Africa will decide who is worthy of the Money when the right time comes...

  18. This star meter thing should be stopped! because it gives false results right from the beginning, see the last...Samantha the laziest...Macky2 the funniest...Sipe the craziest........This is so confusing and cheating Africans.

  19. Idris and Ellah till the end