Monday, November 10, 2014

Nominations: Team A In Trouble

Hot on the heels of an eviction Biggie called the housemates into the diary room one after the other to nominate two housemates from the losing Team A, having lost the week 5 extravaganza.

It looked like people were onto the double-dabbling ways of one Mr.265 as his name came out on top of the list. It was also not surprising to hear some people throw Ellah, once again, under the bus but the reasons this time around were more because of her apparent strengths than her weaknesses.

Well at least these were Mr.265, Macky2 and Samantha's reasons for putting Uganda's beauty queen up. Macky2 even admitted to writing her off as an airhead-pageant type in the beginning but it was clear that the gal was strong competition having been saved for the fifth time.

Macky2 was also the name on the lips of plenty. While Butterphly put him up simply because she didn't quite know him as well as he did the rest, others revealed they were seeing an unsettling side to Zambia's finest rapper. Part of the losing team, Goitse complained about Macky2's work ethic. She pointed out that he was not flexible as a performer during tasks and this was may have contributed to their poor performance.

M'am Bea was also far from impressed with the rapper saying that he was often short tempered, egotistical and cared very little for people's feelings. While this may be true we wonder if M'am Bea was merely showing signs of batting for Tayo's team; the very Tayo who was something of Macky2 arch nemesis at the moment.

Tayo also put Macky2 up alongside Mr.265. This we expected after the "drum drama" as IK called it. His reasons for both were the similar; both were friends that turned against him when it suited them. Mr.265 in particular was a "manipulator" and two-faced. JJ also put Mr.265 for this reason saying that the Malawian was conniving and focussed on playing his game.

Finally Sipe, Butterphly and Idris made a couple of appearances in the process. Sipe and Idris because they were hardly up and many felt that it was time for their position in the game to be tested. For M'am Bea Buttephly was withdrawn and lacked confidence while Trezagah thought she was inconsiderate during shower hour as she spent a long time under the faucet, sometimes until the hot water ran out.

With Permithias eventually booted out, targets were shifting and looks like all members of the losing team are in danger.

Nomination summary:
Butterphly - Mr. 265 and Macky2
Ellah - Mr. 265 and Macky2
Goitse - Macky2 and Idris
Idris -  Mr. 265 and Sipe
JJ - Mr. 265 and Sipe
Mr. 265 - Ellah and Idris
Macky2 - Idris and Ellah
M'am Bea - Butterphly and Macky2
Nhlanhla - Idris and Mr. 265
Samantha - Ellah and Sipe
Sheillah - Sipe and Mr. 265
Sipe - Idris and Butterphly
Tayo - Mr. 265 and Macky2
Trezagah - Butterphly and Sipe

Total nominations:
Goitse - Auto-nomination
Mr. 265 - 7
Macky2 - 5
Idris - 5
Sipe - 5
Ellah - 3
Butterphly - 3

Update: Goitse, Idris, Macky2, Mr. 265 and Samantha are the five housemates up for possible eviction this week.


  1. Macky2 till the last day

  2. Mr 265 and Sipe are in trouble

  3. Ghana and Nigeria for Ella

  4. team idris and ellah all the way.....East Africa stand up

  5. Macky2 should be the winner of BBA

  6. Macky2 all the way!

  7. Small country bt a big heart,peaceful,loving,and a real african child.Macky2!!!!!