Sunday, November 02, 2014

Nominations: Trezagah Is Target Number 1

The live show saw three more hotshots leave the house and the only girl who was nominated was saved. While the mood was dampened, Team A, Downtown Beats's win lifted the hearts of some of the housemates. After the live show was over, housemates had to soon nominate members of Team B as they were up for nominations.

This week there was a total of 6872 votes that came in from Africa; Team A received 3771 of the votes and Team B received 3101. Downtown Beats had a clear win and were very excited by the news. Their win meant that they were safe from nominations this week. Members of the winning team were: JJ, Tayo, Sheillah, Mr. 265, Luis, Butterphly, Idris, Kacey Moore and Sipe.

Soon after the live show, housemates had to nominate members of the losing team (Nhlanhla, Samantha, Trezagah, Permithias, Ellah, M'am Bea, Goitse, Macky2, Arthur and Frankie.). Trezagah was popular in the diary room, only seven housemates didn't nominate him and all the housemates that voted for him stated that he needed to wake up and play the game and some also cited that he did not come across as committed. Permithias specifically said that Trezagah was a follower and always waited to be told what to do, especially in tasks. This was the first time that Trezagah was in a losing team and we wonder if he will feel the pressure to pull up his socks. Butterphly nominated him for snoring.

Another popular one in the diary room was Ellah. Most of the guys felt that she was disrespectful to Kacey Moore's marriage and Macky2 thought that she was too eager for attention and went around looking for it. Other popular names were Frankie, Permithias, Nhlanhla and Samantha. Ellah said that Frankie was absent-minded throughout their task and Idris said that Frankie was not grateful for what he had and felt he would one day snap. Nhlanhla said that Frankie did not contribute much to their performance and Sipe found him to be rude.

Tayo said that Samantha hurt his feelings when he caught her gossiping about him and hated that she hadn't come to apologise to him and that also he didn't trust her. M'am Bea said that Samantha displayed an attitude she disliked a while back when she had cooked for her team-mates only.  Goitse said that Permithias was as good as absent in their group performance and Sheillah said that he played his guitar late in the night when they were sleeping.

Mr. 265 said that Nhlanhla looked down on other housemates and thought that he was always right. Sipe said that she had noticed that Nhlanhla had been trying hard to step on her toes and didn't want to get into trouble by reacting to him.

It was hard to tell who would be in the final list of the housemates who would be put up for possible evictions this week but housemates have definitely rubbed each other the wrong way this past week. Trezagah even complained about M'am Bea and said that he felt she didn't trust him as she always checked if he knew what he was doing in tasks.

Nominations summary:
Butterphly - Trezagah and Permithias
Ellah - Frankie and Macky2
Frankie - Nhlanhla and Trezagah
Goitse - Permithias and Ellah
Idris - Frankie and Trezagah
JJ - Goitse and Trezagah
Mr. 265 - Ellah and Nhlanhla
Macky2 - Nhlanhla and Ellah
M'am Bea - Macky2 and Samantha
Nhlanhla - Frankie and Trezagah
Permithias - Trezagah and Ellah
Samantha - Frankie and Trezagah
Sheillah - Trezagah and Permithias
Sipe - Frankie and Nhlanhla
Tayo - Samantha and Ellah
Trezagah - Ellah and M'am Bea

Total nominations:
Trezagah - 8
Ellah - 6
Frankie - 5
Nhlanhla - 4
Permithias - 3
Macky2 - 2
Samantha - 2
Goitse - 1
M'am Bea - 1

The final nominees will be announced during Monday's nomination show. Which housemates do you think will be on the chopping block?

The following housemates are up for possible eviction this week: Ellah, Frankie, Nhlanhla, Permithias, Trezagah and Butterphly who was added by Head of House Idris.


  1. All suggested names should be put so that it's fair to all

  2. Don't worry ellah we re here for you...#team ellah

  3. All suggested names should be on the list except the last two with one one vote

  4. All suggested names should be on the list except the last two with one one vote

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  6. Trezagas shld go he's too boring

  7. I lve frankie pliz save him

  8. Trezarga and Ella must go, they too cold

  9. Trezarga and Ella must go, they too cold

  10. Samantha n Macky2 got 2 nominations. How come Macky2 were not added up in d list?

  11. Team East Africa we are here for you Ella

  12. Ella we are behind you..

  13. East Africa please keep ellah in the house.



  16. TEAM cud you be mean for Kacey,....the forty nights will come

  17. Ghana fo Ella,she gave our boy company,,,ela we are for mambea

  18. HOH I hate u for nominating my gal Butterphly Zim is behind you n me from S.A