Sunday, November 02, 2014

Nominees Speak Out

The six housemates that were nominated and put up for possible eviction were each called by Biggie into the diary room to say, what would be, their last words to Africa. Frankie was the only one who was not called by Biggie as he didn’t know that he was up for possible eviction. The six nominees (Arthur, Kacey Moore, Luis, Macky2, Mr. 265 and Sheillah) all thanked Africa for the support and votes.

Arthur said that although the body was lazy, the mind was busy. He said that he felt good even though he had a lot of things in mind. He said that one of his thoughts were around what he would do next to entertain Africa should he stay in the house. His highlights included all the tasks that he worked on especially doing more than being a comedian. His bad moments included his disagreements with Tayo and Sheillah. His message to Africa was: "Sometimes it's not the talent that will make you survive but the patience." Profound we must say.

Kacey Moore admitted to feeling nervous and said he wasn't quite sure where he stood considering those who had already been evicted. He said that he would miss Ellah the most if he were to leave and that their friendship was a definite highlight for him in the house. Luis also said he felt scared and added his highlight to have been meeting Mira. He said that he wondered if he had changed anyone's life outside the house and hoped that he had changed lives.

Macky2 was calm as usual and said that he has learnt to pray for the best and prepare for the worst. He told Biggie that the worst outcome wouldn't be leaving the house but going back home to discover that people felt that he hadn't represented the country well. He added that he wouldn't change a single thing about his experience in the house and had no regrets. His biggest lesson was never to limit himself and not underestimate people.

Mr. 265 said that he woke up feeling alright and that he was keen to find out who JJ had added in the nominations list. He said that he noticed Sheillah was uncomfortable and said that he would accept whatever happened. Sheillah said that she was shaking today and said the waiting scared her. Her highlights included the excitement of the first day in the house and meeting everyone and winning the first extravaganza.

With these last words from the nominated hotshots, who do you want to see more of in the house?