Saturday, November 22, 2014

On The Edge

Last night, Nhlanhla gave Sheillah a solid shouting as though she was a little child. He had felt that Sheillah's behaviour with some of the male exes was embarrassing and disrespectful to him, specifically to him as a man. This morning, Nhlanhla told Idris and Ellah that he needed to get a point across to Sheillah and needed to address her with a stern tone.

Sheillah was left crying yesterday but it seemed that things were quickly sorted between herself and Nhlanhla (or so we thought). The two went to bed together as they often did and Nhlanhla said that he had to let something out and did so. He continued to say that what Sheillah did with what he said to her was her business as he had done his part. His main problem was that she did not listen to him, over and above her going on carelessly.

Nhlanhla looked like he was not a happy chappy this morning and he said that his face often exposed how he was feeling and that it was easy for him to wear an unhappy face. This he said to justify why it was important for him to let things out. He also reiterated to Idris that Sheillah did not listen to him.

What do you think of their "relationship" since the exes came into the house?

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