Friday, November 07, 2014

On Nhlanhla

Shakespeare would be most fascinated with the Hotshots and their continual gossip which he referred to as "stuffing the ears of men with false reports." When there are whispers in the house, all ears prick up, wondering if there is gossip afoot.

Samantha and Sheillah had a hushed conversation, pre-party, about the latter's relationship with Nhlanhla. Sheilllah was very frustrated that he did not share his thoughts with her, and she had hit a nerve when she had told him he was not her type.

She tried to explain to Samantha that she believed he had taken it the wrong way and now she was unsure of how to handle his reaction. Samantha advised her to speak about it with him, trying to psycho-analyse her fellow South African in the process.

But despite the mixed feelings, Sheillah made it apparent that she had strong feelings for Nhlanhla. She was grateful of the way he had supported her in the week she had been nominated and said she had to do the same for him, now that he was up for eviction.

She admitted she thought he is an awesome man, and believed him to be very genuine. Nhlanhla, the topic of their conversation, and JJ noticed the two of them whispering and asked "who are you talking about?" The two ladies teasingly said  it was them, but made no move to include them in the conversation and discuss what was on their minds. So was it gossip or just girl talk?

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