Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On A Sour Note

Sipe warned fellow housemates that they should not push her because she could go crazy on them. She told them that she had to be a lady about the whole situation and was sparing them her wrath.

Sipe had seemed to be struggling with being taken seriously, let alone being heard amongst the housemates. After supper, Sipe called the housemates to gather up and begin work on the adverts to be incorporated in the Wednesday presentation.

She kept on begging the housemates to cooperate and to remain cognisant of the 100% wager that they had set themselves up to achieve. She said that she couldn't push everyone around and had to repeatedly ask people to listen to her. She was upset at having had a session in which nothing substantial was achieved.

The session was not as successful as the HoH had hoped and felt that even though she had been trying to drive the ship, she was often challenged and shut down. When she had had enough, she stood up and told Idris and JJ that they could be the HoH and the rest of the housemates could do as they willed because they were not listening to her. She told them that she was off to shower and that she would lay a complaint with Biggie the next day.

The mood had turned a little sour and Sipe returned to address the hotshots. She told them that she could be horrible in their faces but held back because she respected them. She asked for the same level of respect that she was giving and more over as HoH.

Sipe was not taking things lying down and was adamant to put her foot down and be heard. How do you rate her leadership? Could she be taking things a little too seriously?


  1. She is taking it too far ! She should relax a bit!

  2. Shes on a power trip and doesnt have leadership skills. It shows on the lack of contribution she makes on the task instead it's Nhlanhla, JJ, Samantha who r in the forefront

  3. Does not have leadership skills she is putting pressure on house mates she's not relaxed she does not trust herself

  4. bad people if you are hard they will talk she been nice again complain tayo is bad ,sipe is also bad then who is now good .sipe and tayo keep doing your things