Saturday, November 08, 2014

Party Don't Stop!

After the Jameson Party the house was filled with excited yodelling from the housemates as the alcohol took effect. Everyone was in high spirits, although many decided not to drink, while others contemplated how much they should drink. Nevertheless, most were loud and happy, while others slipped away for more deep conversations.

Ellah discussed her concern about drinking too much with Samantha, and the latter told her that if she felt at any point that she had drunk too much she should go to bed and sleep it off. But before long, Ellah joined fellow housemates in song and campaigned for votes, while Trezagah continued his usual shout outs. Samantha, in the meantime, found her buddy Idris and told him he could chat to her while she took a bath, pointing out that she would not be naked.

Sipe, infamous for the way she handled alcohol, was happily babbling away to Macky2 about making money and paying bills. She then decided it was time to go to bed, but Macky2 told her she would not be going anytime soon, with Goitse adding that the night was young. Could something still happen between Sipe and Macky2? They have been flirting endlessly and Sipe coyly told Goitse that if Macky2 wanted to play hard-to-get that she would fo the same, to prove that she was not an easy catch.

She then dropped the subject and started contemplating her alcohol intake instead, wondering whether she had had enough. Goitse pressed her to eat something, telling her it would keep her from teetering into a drunken stupor. Sipe said she was all right, but Goitse persisted, telling her she did not want her to wake up with a hangover.

It was an exhausting day filled hot gossip, fiery tempers and a sizzling party. Sipe evetually decided she would go to bed and several housemates slipped on pyjamas and settled down. Sipe and Goitse continued bonding, as they held a whispered conversaiton in bed.

The others, however, carried on the party in the kitchen. Will the Hotshots be able to pull themselves together before turning all the world into a stage with their Shakespearean comedy tonight?


  1. Tayo enjoys his age, grandma Sam grandpa JJ are jealous kkkkkkkkkk

  2. am not a nigerian but i love tayo so so much.why would so much people be envying him.not so good.Africa we need to leave sentiment apart and do the right thing.

    1. Tayo he stupid is behaving like his ilitrate uncle