Friday, November 07, 2014

Party Night

Friday night is party night! Housemates got into the swing of things getting ready for the party and making sure they looked their best for Africa. Trezagah was rocking it in a pair of shades and Tayo in pleather pants. They were amped for the party, loitering outside the doors ten minutes before the time, impatient to get inside and start the party.

Zambia's DeeJay Cree Jay provided the beats as the housemates unleashed all their stress and worry from the past week and partied it up on the dance floor. Jameson made sure the drinks were flowing and keeping the housemates in the best of spirits, starting with the Cocktail of the Week, the Jameson Horse Neck.

Frankie and Tayo hopped exuberantly across the dance floor and M'am Bea even shook her booty for the latter. The Hotshots definitely suited their title tonight, glamming it up in tightfitting dresses and a bit of bling here and there.

Mr. 265 made sure he got down with the ladies, grinding against M’am and then Ellah. Trezagah and Idris took it easy on one of Biggie’s plush couches, watching the action in front of them. Everyone was present at the party, with no one ducking away to campaign for votes or write love notes. Arguments and evictions were wiped from their minds for the time being and many housemates eagerly sought a chance to show off their swag in front of Africa. Who did you think was the hottest Hotshot tonight?


  1. Queen Ellah tha hotest

  2. Tend to disagree,Sipe was do hot...