Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Permithias' Observations

Big Brother is largely a game of personalities and there is often a mind-trick here where housemates and viewers equate loud, forward, social and bellicose housemates with popularity and more likely the win at the end. But it isn't always the case, in fact this approach was far too simplistic.

Those who flew under the radar are also very capable of snatching the winning right from under our noses and laughing all the way to the bank. Sheillah and Permithias brought this to our attention in a stark and insightful if unexpected way.

At a time when Permithias was at his low Biggie asked him to positively redirect his energies back into the zone by compiling a profile on some of the Hotshots, the way he saw it. He traipsed into his diary session in much better mood, even bringing his "safety deposit pillow" along. This was really his sack of stashed goodies masquerading as a pillow. He told Biggie it is a way of keeping his secret stash besides while raising no suspicion, well at least this is how he figured it.

But back to the profiles, it seems like his observations on fellow housemates were surprisingly perceptive.

First on the list was Idris who, while a natural comic, is one of the smartest housemates around. Tayo and Samantha, he was sure, are also smart but use their smartness in a cunning way. That Tayo uses the platform to rile people up and in turn boost his ego while Samantha sits back as something of mastermind. He went as far as to call her an "unsuspected criminal" she is so sneaky. 

He then went on to Macky2, who he said is smooth, reserved and powerful in his own zone. He sees his buddy Butterphly in a similar light; someone who is capable of anything but often holds herself back because of self-doubt.

Mr. 265 is a user who preyed on the weak, M'am Bea acts holier than thou but isn't really being true to herself. About fellow leprechaun JJ he had this to say: he is a Mr. Know-It-All while fiercely talented he is insecure and tries his best to hide this by overcompensating. 

According to Permithias, Frankie is insecure and afraid to open up to new things.

When her turn was up Sheillah also briefly took us into who she figured would make the top ten based, of course, on her surmising of the game of personalities. She labelled Tayo, Macky2 and herself the strongest and the possible top three because of characters that viewers the continent over could relate to.

In this pool of the fortunate was Idris for being funny albeit uptight, Samantha for being the cinderella and M'am Bea would win for woman of substance. She then counted Permithias' for his artistic nature and JJ for being once again a Mr Fix-it.

It is clear that for him there were two sides to every coin and even the kindest of people had their vices. Everyone has to adopt a strategy, even a stand of no-strategy is a kind of strategy in the context of the game.

We have to appreciate their observations but what do you think of their predictions?


  1. Sheila , Sheila ! She doesn't even put Nhlanhla in the top three list! Where does she place him? I wish I saw her diary session.

  2. Spot on about Sammy this Permmy...Spot on! That cougar is dangerous...MASTER MANUPULATOR!...Thirsting for a teeanger nxla!..Let the kids play and move on to Trez...hes ur age range!

    1. You must be really miserable in your life....Say what you like about her , you cant do sh!t about it....You can go hug a transformer.....byeee

    2. truth hurts!.... Deal!!! I gues il find u in line of kising tranfomers...hhahahahahaha! Samantha is 2 ol for Idris.. deal! Shes manupilating him....Deal....shes her downfall ....Deal!