Sunday, November 09, 2014

Permithias Sent Packing

The second housemate to receive the boot tonight was Nambian musical maestro Permithias. The man of many talents was handed his marching orders finally after a fourth appearance on the nominations list. This time around, sadly, Africa did not save him and this spelt the end of the road for this entertaining lad of from diverse influences.

IK dipped into the living room with yet another of his jokes and announced "Housemates, freeze". But with a shameless attempt at Biggie's velvety croon, IK failed to trick this bunch as they all buckled under with laughter.

He then weighed in with Goitse after she wept with fright when clowns were sent in for one the freeze tasks over the week. She certainly couldn't help herself she was so terrifed, but rules were rules. Biggie certainly made up for it with the strippers who came in to tease. Nhlanhla it turned out also got exicted wth the twerking tease. Macky2 was also asked to explain his drum drama with Tayo. An icey moment between the two was hard to miss as Macky2 revealed in not so many words that he was giving Tayo a taste of his own wicked medicine.

After it was announced that Nhlanhla was safe Permithias was sadly declared the second evictee and instructed to pack his pieces and leave the Big Brother house.

Permithias sang his way out and mounted the stage in jubilant song, a fallen Hotshot. He was precede by hip hop ensemble Pappy Kojo peforming thier hit track "Wave".

On the stage IK expressed his awe of Permithias' musicality while being working the day job of a sushi chef. The subject of his various dalliances in the house was also discussed.

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  1. Africa why did we let an entertainer go? Am so sad. Permi we surely miss you.