Saturday, November 01, 2014

Samantha Tells Off JJ

Samantha got superbly frank with JJ and informed him that she can call his bunk from a mile away. She was by no means blind to all his game-playing, she assured him.

During his Head of House reign JJ had ruled the house with an iron fist, softer here and there but caustic for the most part. He could often be seen throwing orders in ever which directing or accusing people of undermining him or not following Biggies rule book.

After the Jameson Halloween Party the usual suspect, Permithias, ran around stashing bottle of free alcohol and drinks about the house. Later on JJ seemed to be accusing Samantha of doing some stashing of her own. But this wasn't the gist of what offended Samantha.

It was when JJ said to her "you are getting good at playing games." To Samantha this implied that she had already been playing games and that she was a shady kind of character. She was also upset at JJ because he thought he always saw himself as smarter than the rest while pulling his games on them.

The lass told him exactly what she thought of him and that she did not appreciate it to which he didn’t respond. For the first time JJ seemed to have met his match in Samantha.

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