Sunday, November 30, 2014


It was evident that some of the housemates were curious about the turnout of today's live show as some housemates discussed the possible results of the eviction show. Up for possible eviction this week were eight housemates and only Ellah was not certain about being nominated.

Idris was seemingly very irritable yesterday as he easily got annoyed with some of the housemates. He did however calm down a little bit with time spent in the Jacuzzi with fellow housemates. Idris was clearly worried about his fate and communicated that he was up against strong characters in the house and was not sure what would happen.

Goitse and Sipe seemed to be taking it all in their strides. They casually spoke about how they would order their day from the moment they woke up – packing and getting their hair done. Sipe went into the specifics of the Beyonce-inspired hair style that she was aiming for. There was no worry in her face!

Sheillah was a bit of a difficult nut to crack as she would speak openly about her thoughts around who was leaving versus who would stay on for the final week in the house. Nhlanhla and Ellah were both uncertain about how confident they should be. Both of them believed that Macky2 may have put them up and could not freely celebrate not being put up for possible eviction.

We wondered how Ellah would feel when she eventually learned that Macky2 put her up and worse, how she would react if she were to be evicted… Today was the day that would reveal all and confirm the final list of hotshots that would go head to head for the hotshot title. Who do you think will be sent home today?


  1. One thing is for sure Tayo and Ellah won't go home

  2. for sure tayoyo an d my ellah to biggi house. no shaking

  3. dis year BbA regional stuff sucks!! fuck d shut, y is it only Ghana n Nigeria from west Africa,,while other sadc like east Africa n co have more than four countries from each region,,dis unfair to west,,

    1. Dont worry...its balancing up.....there r already 3 SADC house mates in the final... so they r actualy balancing the numbers.....m just worried abt Idris....if Biggie is adding 2... game over 4 him...I wud hv lovd 4 him 2 b in the final as well....