Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Settling Into The Day​

Today, housemates woke up to a cold morning and Trezagah exclaimed thrice that it was indeed chilly outside.  Hotshots quickly rose from their slumber as Big Brother woke them up. They began making their beds and washing their faces and brushing their teeth. Trezagah did not seem at all phased by being nominated as he happily said that he was ready for the guest and the morning session.

Whilst in waiting, Macky2 started on the dishes and Trezagah sat down on a chair, yawning and watching him. Macky2 started rapping a song, making his early morning kitchen duty easy to get through. Soon housemates filled the kitchen and lingered around, as no one had come in yet to take the housemates through their morning session.

Coffee was made and housemates settled around the kitchen table in conversation. Idris started singing "we're just ordinary people" and JJ interjected, telling him that he wasn't just "ordinary" as he was Head of House. Light conversation filled the kitchen area with laughter flowing in the air. Macky2 was still hard at work with his cleaning.

Back in the bedroom, Ellah and Samantha were in conversation about past experiences and Ellah shared about her life as a beauty queen – entering Miss World and other modelling gigs and the demands thereof. The women bonded as Ellah shared about the modelling world. M'am Bea also sat listening and the conversation changed to Halloween talk and then onto Biggie's tricks with the freeze task.

The morning started off quite slow as there wasn't a guest in early. Some housemates got the chance to stay in bed a little longer than usual and relaxed in conversation. HoH Idris got a chance to bond with Ellah. We wonder if anything will happen as the beauty queen was left free to mingle after Kacey Moore's eviction.

We wonder what Biggie could be up to. The housemates were as well suspicious of his plans and intensions and only time will tell what could be up his sleeve.

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