Friday, November 07, 2014

Shakespearean Origins

George Satiropoulos and Lamar Bonhomme came into the house this morning and broke down the conventions of Shakespearean play. They told the housemates that it was important to understand the meaning of the words used and made an example, saying that "where for art thou" did not translate to "where are you" but instead asked how one person was doing.

The housemates were once again divided into two teams for this week's Extravaganza and have been tasked to produce a "comedy of errors"-themed theatre show. The style of this theme stems from Shakespeare's work and the two acting coaches made the style visible to the housemates by acting out a sort skit that got everyone one going.

Amongst all of the housemates, JJ was the only one who had done one of Shakespeare's plays and the coaches soon incorporated him into their skit. We saw some impressive improvisation from the Zimbabwean entertainer. Frankie, Idris and Samantha showed less confidence when they were pulled in. Nonetheless, the session continued along swiftly.

The acting teachers described Shakespeare as "very deep" and referenced him to have inspired a lot of artists including Eminem (an American rapper) and went further to dubbing Shakespeare as a "rap daddy". The coaches advised the housemates to have a closer inspection of the iambic pentameter (a commonly used type of metrical line in traditional poetry and verse drama. The term describes the rhythm that the words establish in that line, which is measured in small groups of syllables called "feet") that links some rap songs with Shakespeare’s style of writing.

The teams were soon separated, each working with one of the acting coaches. They were advised to use their own accents and play around with gender roles. It looked like a productive morning session with both teams working hard.

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