Saturday, November 22, 2014

She Has An Evil Heart

Nhlanhla was not able to keep Sheillah's name out of his mouth. Either her name was sweet in his mouth or the South African gent just could not stop over analysing her behaviour. Nhlanhla spoke about her throughout the morning, cursing and calling her names, declaring that he did not care about her.

Nhlanhla kept reiterating that he was chilled and that if anything, Sheillah was compromising her own game. He recalled and confirmed JJ's words that Sheillah was fake and said to have called her out for that as she was telling the male exes that she loved them. He said that she was allowing the male exes to use her and he couldn't promise to be there for her as she was putting herself in comprising situations.

Nhlanhla said that he decided to get upset at how Sheillah was throwing herself at the boys and to allow himself some space. From his side, it was a clear strategy to create a rift between himself and Sheillah in order to allow himself some space from her. We wondered if it was just a mere strategy from Nhlanhla's side as he seemed to be genuinely upset. He said that Sheillah had an evil heart and was fake.

In this scenario, do you think that Nhlanhla knew what game he was playing? Could it not be that he was the fake one?


  1. Sheilla loves tailor man, unfortunately shes not his type and hes married to the gorgeous Pokello. I dont understand why Nhlanhla is so obsessed with this dirty girl cos there are beautiful women in SA

  2. nhlanla is not making us proud, wish dis tayo guy is from SA

    1. anonymous your name should be fool. Nhlanhla is worth a 100Tayos. Tayo can not think, he is not creative. Tell me which task he wrote, directed, or contributed. He only knows how to follow others what they say. Now he is bizy following Otono, Utti and the ExHMs like a lost puppy. He is good looking yes but thats all about him. What else can he offer. If I were a woman i wouldnt think twice abt a man like him after seeing wat he is.

  3. Our boy is smarter than Tayo. anonymous u v said it all

  4. This Tayo is just a noise maker

  5. Sheila is the one now after Nhlanhla after she was given a space