Wednesday, November 26, 2014

She Has Moved On

The housemates were not as excited about their win as we had anticipated them to be. It was either because they were exhausted or had merely taken the win very calmly. One of the two, hopefully.

At the news of having won the wager, Idris stayed in his chair, seemingly disinterested at the goodies in the store room. Figgie threatened that she would not open the store room unless he stood up and joined the rest of the housemates in their celebrations. JJ ran back to the lounge and lifted Idris in his arms, sparking giggles from the Tanzanian photographer.

It seemed as though Idris was still sulking over his earlier fight with JJ and could not get over being dismissed as "foolish". Idris soon went back into the house and into the bedroom. Ellah tried to cheer him up but he had decided that he would not join in on the fun and so she left him, feeling rejected. In the lounge she sat with JJ and Butterphly, sharing her feelings about how things were not going the way she wanted them between herself and JJ.

Idris later went up to Goitse to have a chat with her and told her that he felt he had done something wrong. He got serious and told Goitse that he wanted to tell her something and went on to tell her that when he had told her that he liked her, he had really meant it and that his feelings had become stronger.

He said that he was not expecting anything in return and assured her that it was not about the game nor was it about a strategy but was genuine. Idris said his mother's message to him earlier in the day motivated him to express himself to her.

Goitse kept quiet for a while and opened her mouth to tell Idris that he did not have to explain himself, especially about their past, and that she had moved on. In short, the lady sounded like she was telling Idris that she did not want to know how he was feeling because she was aware and had moved past it.

Idris left Goitse and went back to Ellah and pulled her to join him in bed. What do you think of Idris? Do you think he is confused about who he is interested in or if he is using poor Ellah?


  1. Idris should abide by JJ's advice, free d ladies nd play ur game idris. After d show, u knw wat u truly want. No principled woman ll see u wit another nd still agrees wit u.

  2. Idris is childish