Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sheillah Cries

We have never seen Sheillah cry in Biggie's house and today she broke down from being laughed at. The young lass rebuked her fellow housemates when they said that everyone had to know who Piers Morgan (a British journalist and television host) was. Sheillah dismissed the other hotshots as she repeatedly said that he was not relevant to her and she found no reason to know him.

Samantha, Goitse, Nhlanhla and Idris all confessed to knowing the TV personality and Sheillah, being the odd one out, raised her voice, explaining that she did not care to know the said Piers Morgan and instead knew other people whom she found it was relevant for her to know. Samantha said that she felt she couldn't ask her any questions because somehow they may not be relevant to her. Idris said that the only reason she stated that Piers Morgan was irrelevant to her was because she didn't know him. Sheillah continued with being defensive and although Nhlanhla sided with the rest of the housemates, he was subtle about it.

Perhaps Sheillah felt embarrassed when she learnt that she didn't know a well-known individual. And maybe feelings of insecurity seeped in. She later broke down during her team's rehearsal and walked away from them. JJ went over to her and tried to make her feel better about the whole situation that she took to heart.

Her spirits were dampened and we wondered if was just about that one incident or if the issue was bigger than we thought. Was Sheillah maybe unhappy about being in a separate group to her "husband" Nhlanhla or was she feeling the pressure of the looming eviction show. Sheillah has never shown herself to be an emotional person and her outburst surely came as a surprise. What do you think really upset the Botswana lady?

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