Monday, November 17, 2014

Sheillah Is The New HoH!

It's a new day, a new week and time for a new leader to ascend the Head of House throne. The qualifying task was set to test their ability to remember visuals and assign sameness where necessary by matching pieces of a puzzle. If housemates cracked this game of chance they would be through to the next round where the real competition took place. Butterphly, Trezagah and Sheillah cracked it and moved on battle against each other for the Head of House title.

Housemates were ushered into the garden where the found a table with three square puzzle boards. On each board lay twelve pieces, each with a picture of a housemate, facing down. There were six matching pairs of picture on the board and individually housemates had to make these matches. They were to increase their scores by matching the portraits of two housemates with each match amounting to a one point.

The three housemates with the most points at the end of the game qualified to play for Head of House. First was Trezagah, then came Sheillah and last but not least was Butterphly who matched the face of evicted Namibian housemates Luis. The competition was tight but these were the three that came out on top with only one chance to guess correctly.

Sheillah then scored herself the neat HoH title without even breaking a sweat. The bubbly dame from Bostwana was able to quickly manoeuver her white hockey balls into the centre which was good enough to put her through.

Because it was pouring out housemates had to gather in the living area where Butterphly, Trezagah and Sheillah, who qualified in the last round, took their places behind the navigation puzzles. This was the chance for them not only to win immunity but to also elevate their position in the game. So each of the final round contenders had their heads screwed on right ready to get into the zone and win this. Ellah reckoned her girl Butterphly would take it while Tayo encouraged Trezagah to go out there and get it.

Each puzzle of three white hockey balls placed in three shallow holes on the puzzle board. The three housemates had to angle the balls from the shallow holes to the deeper holes at the centre of the board by using the handles on the sides. Housemates were not allowed to touch or pick up the ball at any point in the game.

Butterphly and Trezagah seemed genuinely disappointed for being so close yet so far. First time winner Sheillah decreed the week "stiletto week" where the girls would mount their heels and run the world.


  1. yeaaaaaah that's ma lil'gal shiellah well done .where are thrz talkative naijaz nw?

  2. at anonymous 1 what does that mean, her hoh is useless cos dia will be no eviction dis week, its only useful only when she can use it to safe herself. so get that into ur skull, u pple should liv tayo alone.

  3. Its a platform 4 her lo learn,to acquire leadership skills,wats ur problem.
    this is a game no need to hate coz w r all africans..

  4. Africa we will not leave 2 ze final.after Sipe & Goitse. Tayo will follow. Arrogant & ugly guy ever seen.