Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sheillah, Trezagah, Goitse & Ellah Kicked Out

IK tells us that it is time to evict! The time has come for SizweNtsalubaGobodo to bring the results of the evictions for tonight. IK asks Idris about the freeze task and how it made him change his game with what his mother told him, as well as Sipe and Macky2's freeze. IK  then asks Macky2 what it felt like winning Head of House this week which meant that he automatically guaranteed himself a spot in the finale. He says it came at the right time for him. He says that he added Ellah. 

IK asks the nominated housemates to stand. He asks Sheillah and Tayo if their fans have kept them in the game and immediately tells Idris, Goitse and JJ to sit. IK clearly loves the drama and the tension. Sipe and Ellah are told to sit and Tayo is told to sit. This means that Sheillah and Trezagah are evicted.

They get to the live stage where IK is waiting with a warm hug. Ellah says that she feels okay and that it felt amazing to get this far and she is proud of herself. Trezagah feels "so bad" but he is happy. IK asks Sheillah about her relationship with Nhlanhla, she says it is "complicated" but IK is having none of it, and brings up the "legal binding contract" that their lawyer, Goitse drew up. IK asks Trezagah about the fact that he is out because he moved during the freeze task. He moved because he felt that the freeze task then was a prank. Sheillah says she will be acting. Trezagah is going to be doing more music in english.

We are shown Sheillah and Trezagah's moments in the show, a poignant look back at their best moments in the house.

Goitse and Ellah were the second eviction of the night making them the 17th and 18th housemates to be given the boot. It was time to bid these gorgeous belles a hearty farewell as they were so close yet so, sadly, so far. With only a week to go to the finale this was a tough kind of eviction but the dames walked the plank with style and grace.

Following her country mates earlier exit Goitse was the second and last remaining Botswanan in the house. Sheillah had become her competion in the game as their countrymen would be split and spoilt for choice. For only a glimmering moment there it looked like she had won them over but her turn was here.

The cool, calm and collected Goitse always treaded with composure. And it was with the very same measure that she accepted her fate as her name was announced alongside Ellah’s. Sipe’s jaw dropped and not so much Idris as she handed out her goodbye hugs and kisses. She walked out wrapped in her nations flag. Later on Sipe could be seen wiping the tears from her eyes.

With the most number of nominations in the season and after being saved all those many times ago Uganda's beauty queen Ellah had reached her tether and the time had finally come for her burning fire to be extinguished. Her frequent appearance on the nominations list – followed by the fact that Africa was always saving her - positioned her as a strong contender and thus threat in the game and it was for this that Macky2 added her.

Looking as dashing as ever Ellah mounted her heal, adjusted her mini skirt and flicked her luscious locks off her shoulder and hit the road. She flew her flag high and glided onto the stage just like the beauty queen she is. Her beau Idris squeezed her in a longing hug goodbye while her buddy Butterphly yelled "I love you!" which she reciprocated.

Ellah wished all the housemates the best and commended Macky2 for being bold while Goitse joked and said they would be bored without her. Idris' "wives" as it were confirmed that Ellah was his wife for now but Goitse was not about that life.

Fally Ipupa sung the evictees onto stage with a proudly African offering with a modern edge. Both gals had a lot to be proud of and could each hang up the accolade of Big Brother Hotshots contender on their wall of achievements.  


  1. evryone shouts tayo tayo tayo tayo yet u cant vote!!! ur comments here dont mk any impact, vote or else u'l see sipe walk away wt d money cos from d look of things, sipe's fans do much work and less talking. TEAM TAYO, DO MORE WORK AND LESS TALKING

  2. Fans vote is different frm eviction vote(1vote 1country) let wait for Dec7 Tayo will emerge as winner,a very big thanks to all who voted for Tayo more power to ur effort let continuing in voting for him,for Trezaga l felt sorry for him for being victim of hash punishment he wound have escape to d final if nt of dat hash punishment.

  3. Gd luck to ur new life guys. Africa wil definitely missed u guys

  4. Mack2 is taking the money that's a fact

  5. the money is tayo's