Wednesday, November 19, 2014

She's A Professional Gold Digger

JJ, Idris and Macky2 sat down in the kitchen and spoke about the latest Zimbabwean representative, Vimbai. The gents concluded that they did not like her as she was a pretentious character. JJ labelled her  a "professional gold digger" and Macky2 concurred. Nhlanhla thought that Vimbai was far from being humble as were Zimbabwean people, according to him and Sheillah.

In the kitchen, JJ told Idris how he had noted that Vimbai was very catty and seemed to be out to unsettle the hotshots. He said that she was all over Uti and possibly after his money as he won the BBA All Stars season. JJ concluded that she was a professional gold digger and when Idris expressed shock at the statement, Macky2 chipped in and concurred that she was indeed after the money.

JJ also said that Vimbai was a disgrace for Zimbabwe as she neither cleaned nor helped with the cooking but instead ruffed people's shoulders. In conversation with Sheillah, Nhlanhla said that Vimbai was self-centred and was a snob. Sheillah said that Zimbabweans were often humble and proud of where they came from; Nhlanhla said that Vimbai was far from that description as she did not even identify much with Zimbabwe but instead displayed a passion for Nigeria. Was JJ right then that Vimbai was after the Nigerian BBA All Stars winner, Uti?

Nhlanhla advised Sheillah to take everything from Vimbai with a pinch of salt as she was out to attack. What do you think about Vimbai? Should Sheillah indeed take heed?


  1. JJ, NhlaNhla and Monkey 2 are bunch of borites for calling Vimbai names. The only thing the three of them does in the house is to gossip, eat and sleep, atleast Sheilla and Idris are a lot better than the whole lot three of them. the time they come out of biggy's house they will know who Vimbai is, thats she's already made.....mumus' in BB house.

  2. Exactly........they (JJ, Nhlafood and Macky 2) are the three borites in Biggy's house and Biggy should just chase them out of his house. They don't like it when somebody else is having fun, they immediately assume that its a strategy of sort and they don't like to have fun either. They'll rather like it if you behave like they do and this really shows how fake they are. They should loosen up cause they are stif like stone.......Biggy do away with three of them.

  3. I never liked Vimbai anyways, right from BBA Amplified to her TV presentation up till now.she has always been a snob. Now, she is such a noise maker even during her TV shows hosting.

  4. JJ, macky2, idris, I guys should stop dis act 'gossip'