Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Shocking Discoveries

As soon as the ladies had showered, Sipe wasted no time and called Goitse to her side, and told her that she had something to tell her. She revealed that she had caught some people talking about her and was angered and shocked by the discovery.

She said that she was struggling to sleep and ended up staying up longer than she had planned to. She said that she found it tricky to understand how some people could gossip about her but understood that she was probably trending in the minds. Sipe repeatedly said that she knew people didn't have to like her but could not bring herself to understand how one could stay up to talk about her.

As she told Goitse about her unfortunate discovery, she threw in subtle insults, saying that it was at least good to discover that some people you perceived to be clever actually turn out to possess a "tiny stupid brain". Sipe said that she would have actually woken up angry but instead remembered Macky2's words.

It was no surprise that she would remember Macky2's words (or voice) as she has shown to be taking a liking to the rapper; he advised that if she were ever to go to bed upset, she should get up in the morning and get busy with something to clear up her mind. The rapper also assured her that it would calm her down and that she would have to make sure that she treated her "enemies" with kindness or at least treated them normally.

Sipe said that Makcky2's advice worked and reminded herself that she came on her own in Biggie's house and that she couldn’t allow some people to spoil her game. The Malawian princess, as Biggie sometimes calls her, did not mention any names and we were left wondering who gossiped late in the night about her. Who do you think gossiped about Sipe?