Monday, November 24, 2014

Sipe Receives Her Star Gift

Shortly after diary sessions Sipe was summoned back to the diary room. To her thrill she found out that she was this week's "Star Gift" winner after Biggie joked that she wasn't a winner. She thanked Biggie and scooped up her hamper and traipsed back to her house all smiles.

Biggie told her it was all because she was a drama queen and fans just couldn't get enough of her diva ways. Little did she and the housemates know she was actually voted most crazy housemate. At least it was close enough. But what was even more crazier was when she walked past Nhlanhla, Sheillah and former friend Goitse clearly having won the prize and their mouths just dropped open. They couldn't even bring themselves to congratulate her they were so jealous.

But with a flick of her hair the drama queen silenced the haters and kept it moving. Head of House and buddy Macky2, M'am Bea and JJ ran down and showered with praises as the rest followed. Goitse kept to the background only offering a perfunctory compliment from a distance. In her defence, however, she did seem cut up about their embattled friendship. She meandered about like a mouse as she watched Sipe carry on like nothing was wrong.

Nhlanhla raised a cocky brow when he learnt that she had been awarded most dramatic. At this stage of the game, having not won a single Star Gift, it looked the green-eyed monster was creeping over his shoulder.