Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Sketch Comedy Show

It is hard work being funny as Biggie gave housemates the task of coming up with a comedy sketch show. In a silver dish were cards with descriptions of various characters and roles for housemates to enact in a short comedic scene.

Housemates were to start to flexing their funny bones and quickly develop their different parts to get into the zone and rhythm of improvising short humourous sketches. This was because, during Wednesday presentation, Biggie would call out housemates at random and they were to come up , invent and present a scene of no longer that one minute.

Last night housemates, in pairs, picked cards out of the dish and soon enough we were treated to an impromptu comedy sketch show.

While it took some longer than others to stand up and make funny Nhlanhla, Idris, Sheillah and Butterphly certainly launched into it and racked up some chuckles. Nhlanhla and Butterphly were an item of expedience with him as her cockeyed boyfriend and she dating him for the money.

Nhlanhla was up again but this time he played Biggie while Idris was a fly who was having a tough time as a housemate. Which pair made you laugh the most?

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