Saturday, November 08, 2014

Something For The Ladies

Fancy a lap dance? Or perhaps even a striptease from a pair of perfectly ripped gentlemen? Well, whatever floated their boat housemates were treated, or rather teased, to a visit from Yomi Shokunbi and Blessing Mvusi, two handsome gents from Strip SA. This was not an everyday feat and so it was a challenge for housemates, most the girls, to keep a poker face during the strip show.

While Goitse and Sipe kept as still as they could it was harder for Ellah who had to sneak a naughty peak and a flustered Butterphly simply melted from all the heat. But the pair were far from done with mission to tease as they headed indoors for Samantha, Sheillah and M'am Bea.

They took a liking to Samantha who stood over the dishes and tried their damndest to seduce the gal, massaging and rubbing her up, down and all around. But she was unmoved, whether she was unimpressed is a different question altogether.

They then traipsed over to Sheillah who sat safe by hubby Nhlanhla's side. She got a kiss on either cheek followed by short lap dance. But with Nhlanhla's eye on them they couldn't quite take it far; he might've broke his freeze and broke their necks, or tried to at least.

Upstairs they found M'am Bea laying on the bed and dipped into her, showering her with kisses and trying to catch her gaze.

The strip show was over much too soon it appeared as the bell rang and the hunks had to pick their threads off the floor and hurry off.

Ellah and Sipe were teased within an inch of their lives with Ellah throwing herself on the ground in despair – and frustration – and Sipe taking a moment to regain her composure alongside her breath. While the boys were less than impressed the girls got their chance after all the twerking of yesterday.

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