Saturday, November 22, 2014

Star Treatment

The lucky housemates were extremely spoiled by Big Brother. Instead of the Extravaganza, he treated them to a Ghandour Pamper Suite. Seeing as it was the last weekend for some housemates (or so they thought, seeing as they are still unaware of Biggie's prank), he decided they should have a little rest and relaxation.

Sheillah, as the reigning Head of House, made the announcement, telling them that the party room and parts of the deck and garden would be transformed into a luxurious spa - and Biggie certainly delivered. Not only did they get neck and shoulder massages, but there were plenty of delicious things to eat as well.

The Ghandour Pamper Suite opened just in time; after the drama Sulu and Natasha had created, the Hotshots needed to let go of all their stress, and what better way than with a massage and plenty to eat? These Hotshots love their food and, on top of it all, have barely had time to relax all week.

Housemates, old and new, were lathered up with baby oil and pampered like stars. They enjoyed the delicious candy they had to eat, as well as the eye candy that delivered the treatments and massages. Luclay, in particular, had a very good time flirting with the lovely ladies.

The tension and knots may have been worked out of their bodies, but what about their minds? Do you think the rest of the night will be as relaxed or do the exes have more mischievous mind tricks planned?

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