Friday, November 14, 2014

Task: Phantom Z Selfie Booth

It's time to put your fine and funny face forward and take a selfie folks! This task is all about capturing the moment. It's also all about showing off a dexterous ability to pick the right light, lift the best part of your face to the light and striking the perfect pose; a peace sign, a pout of the lips of these poses combined.

Courtesy of Tecno Mobile Phantom Z housemates were tasked – and treated – to photograph themselves pulling wacky, creative and funny faces inside the Phantom Z Selfie Booth.

Next to the selfie booth housemates were provided with a colourful array of props and trinkets to be used when they take their selfies. All selfies were to display the use of the accessories. Housemates also had to wear their Tecno Mobile T-shirts.

The girls were first at the stake. Ellah, in particular, the resident beauty queen clearly at home in front of the camera, took swiftly to the lauded selfie moment. She and Sipe were like a pair of glam peas in a pod as they fiddled with the Tecno Mobile Phantom Z cell phone, star struck with all its futuristic features.

Once done beaming and posing in their individual hedonistic mires, housemates were to proceed taking seflies – perhaps even include groundies and belfies – in groups showing, once again, the fun and funky use of their accessories.

They were also encouraged to send a shout-out or two to Africa and lets just say you didn't have to tell that to this bunch twice. 

The wackiest and most entertaining selfie would be announced at a later stage and the best was to win a brand new Tecno Mobile Phantom Z cell phone! 

Who do you reckon is going to knock this task out of the park?


  1. it will Macky2 off course - umupondo ze bigeee

  2. Marky2 should win d f0ne while KING TAYO win d ultimate prize wich is d m0ney... Lol