Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Task: Silent Movie

Pianist and musical score artist Velaphi Mphele Ramphele came into the house to help housemates visualize and understand how a score is created. They were meant to learn as much as they could and enact it into their silent movie due for task presentation tomorrow.

Back in the day of the silent move, when there was little in the way of special effects and high tech and studio engineered scores, a pianist would sit at the foot of the stage and play the accompanying score when a movie was shown in the cinema. The purpose of the live piano was to compliment the plot and convey the emotion, sensibility and message of the action,

This would then enhance the movie experience for the audience by creating the mood and accentuating the dramatic or comedic moments on screen.

Ramphele applied his experience and assisted with developing a score that carried the story swiftly along. Because there would be no dialogue, it meant that housemates would have to exaggerate their gestures the way performers did for theatre. The style of theatre is reminiscent of minimalist theatre where the experience focussed on performance without too many gimmicks, keeping action to the body and the bare necessities.

Housemates were a little underprepared when the pianist arrived but were quick to grasp the technical thanks to the pianist as well as what was expected of them in terms of performance style, under JJ’s directing. He was able to pull rehearsals together and facilitate the process, if somewhat wordy and controlling.

Tomorrow each team would be given a dedicated session with the pianist to absorb as much as they could. It was pity Butterphly couldn’t keep her eyes open for the session however we hope tomorrow she’d be better rested.

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