Tuesday, November 04, 2014

'Tayo Is Tired' - Sheillah

At this point in the game, housemates would do anything to outplay others and make sure that their personalities scream out louder than those of others. Sheillah shared with Big Brother during her diary session that people have started to out their game plans stressing that while others seem  to have started playing the game, there are those who look tired and worn out.

"Macky2 is playing his game very well. He's making baby steps but it's working," she said before adding that the likes of Mr. 265 were laid back but observing what was going on while housemates like Tayo were already tired and ready to throw in the towel. "Mr. 265 is super observant. Tayo is tired," she revealed.

The Motswana reasoned that Tayo's game seems to have come to an end because he was taking more naps lately "maybe he feels like he wants to see his son". Apart from cracking up jokes, the Nigerian seems to have retreated to his shell and Sheillah feels that it could play against him as people have gotten used to the loud and active Tayo.

Having reached half-way in the game, housemates are most probably already figuring out how to break into the top ten or better still top five. The Finale seems far but with time flying pretty fast, we are almost there.

Who do you think is playing the best game at the moment?


  1. They are all tired, every mate is now purely living their real lives, Butterfly shows how sleepy she is, Trezeger the drunkard, Idris the womanizer, Tayo the Hypocrite, Macky 2 the sneakiest, Ellar the prostitute, Sipe & Goitse the Gossipers...etc........should I continue??

  2. You must be MAD 4 calling TAYO an hypocrite. If you call TAYO an hypocrite then what will you call Samantha,jj,permithias and nhlanla.

  3. Tayo is really a hypocrite, i agree

  4. Ur father and ur mother re the hypocrite in fact all ur family including ur girl friend that is if u have one are all hypocrite .mugu like u