Friday, November 28, 2014

Tayo's Message From Home

Housemates and Africa have learnt to see the freezes coming, which makes the behaviour in the house amusing to watch. Every time Figgie or Biggie talk, especially when calling someone to the diary room, everyone anticipates a freeze. This afternoon in particular housemates jumped up in excitement whenever they heard Figgie talk, leaping out of beds and dashing exicitedly to the garden to await the arrival of whoever happened to arrive.

However, as excited as the Hotshots get during these moments once the loved ones leave there are always tears as they deal with the difficult moment of seeing people special to them and not being allowed to talk to or touch them.

Tayo, who was already feeling emotional due to his altercation with Sheillah, got even more so after his freeze. He has often talked about his close friend King Kong and everyone was delighted to have him visit Tayo to deliver a message from home.

He exclaimed how much everyone missed him, Nigeria was proud of him and that he must keep his game tight. But the sweetest moment was certainly when Kong told Tayo that his son looked like him. Poor Tayo was breathing heavily with emotion and could not contain the tears which flowed down his cheeks.

Beating his chest and encouraging Tayo with a reminder that he came from a family of lions, he bid farewell to his friend for the time being. Goitse, who always responds with enthusiasm to the family and friends who enter the house, was thrilled at finally seeing who Kong was and happily shouted out "we know you now!"

Tayo was quiet afterwards, as his housemates rushed to comfort him. He went to collect his thoughts, with M'am Bea at this side offering comfort. It might be emotional, but the messages do a lot to boost morale and it sure gets Africa talking as well.


  1. God bless u king Kong for dat wonderful messages for Tayo, u are indeed a good friend and brother. Unlike dat proud and fake uti

  2. Live my uti alone if u know what's gud for u plz. U wanted him to clap at the oral decay that comes from tayos mouth wn his angry live my sir uti I BEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last tym I checked tayo had to much proud in fact too much for his own good.

  3. Tayo has what it takes to win BBA hotshot.

  4. Tayo the best young African man u deserve the money