Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Drinking Game

With no Saturday night Extravaganza, housemates were geared up for a wild night. It started with a drinking game, as Tayo, Sulu, Elikem, Uti, Miss P, Ellah, Sipe, Goitse, Butterphly and Leonel gathered around the kitchen counter.

They started a verbal drinking game where each person had to contribute a word in order to form a sentence. The word had to make sense in the context of the sentence and hesitation was not allowed, meaning they had to think quick. Anyone who could not add a word, or paused for too long, had to take a shot. Those who did not drink had to do push-ups instead.

Every time someone messed up the sentence, the housemates enthusiastically chanted the guilty party's name. Goitse messed up a few times, meaning she had to knock back quite a few shots. Tayo also slipped up, as did Butterphly.

They all had a good laugh at the silly sentences and particularly enjoyed the moments when they fell apart. The game often started with a fellow housemate as the subject matter, but remained light-hearted and no one said anything insensitive or offensive.

Tayo changed up the game, by making the words revolve around a certain topic, starting with fashion designers. Housemates had to shout out words relating to the topic, and whoever got stuck had to drink.

They moved onto the name of ex-housemates, African movie stars and American states, amongst many other subjects. It was a lot more challenging than stringing random sentences together and there was a lot of confusion before they eventually got it right; but they had plenty of fun all the same. How well do you think you would have fared in these games?

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