Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Return Of Biggie

Biggie is back in the house like he never left! He was heard bright and early in the morning, summoning Mr. 265 to the diary room. And what would Biggie's house be without M'am Bea and Mr. 265 who always rose early in the morning to clean up the kitchen and lounge area? As per the norm, the two were at it this morning as the rest of the hotshots slept in.

Some of the housemates began to rise as Mr. 265 roused the housemates that were up for possible eviction. He told Goitse that the hair-stylists did not have the hair colour that she wanted and should quickly get up to decide on what she would do next. Macky2 was the first to settle in a chair and get his hair-cut.

Idris and Ellah finally woke up from their slumber and settled to a conversation in bed whilst cuddling. Ellah told Idris that she had a dream of a frog and a snake and thought to ask M'am Bea what it meant. The two playfully talked in bed and finally spoke about Idris being up for possible eviction. He decided that he would put on his Sunday best but still contemplated if to go all out or not.

As soon as Macky2 was done doing his hair outside, Mr.265 was next to get groomed and Idris was soon on standby, waiting for his turn. The morning was cool and slow in starting for the rest of the hotshots as some continued to sleep longer. Nhlanhla and Sheillah did not look like they were going to rise any sooner and Ellah took it upon herself to rouse Butterphly from her sleep and tell her that she had to take in her linen.

Two hotshots will be sent packing later in the evening and Biggie is back to see the hotshots through the day. Are you happy to have Biggie back?

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