Friday, November 07, 2014

The Sexiest Hotshots

In today's diary sessions, Biggie asked the housemates a range of questions that startled the Hotshots as they tried to figure out what he was after. Biggie asked the housemates how they were doing with their tasks (asking to hear their British accents) and who they thought the sexiest housemate was. Ellah was popular amongst the housemates as they thought she was the sexiest.

Tayo initially told Biggie that he reckoned that he was the sexiest in the house as he measured sexiness by someone's confidence and that he certainly was confident. Other than himself, he thought that Ellah was the second sexiest housemate (after himself of course).

Sheillah praised Ellah's long legs and said that her thighs resembled those of an athlete. She loved the way she carried herself – the way she sat and ate. Quite an observant lady that Sheillah! Idris dismissed Biggie's insinuation that he would suggest Goitse as he said he thought Samantha and Ellah were sexy.

Frankie said that Ellah was not only sexy but had the potential to become a really great woman. He described her big eyes and with that it was clear what the Rwandese representative fell for. Macky2 told Biggie that a lot of the ladies were beautiful in specific ways but that Ellah possessed the "beauty queen" kind of beauty.

Samantha was however another popular name in the diary room. It was expected to have JJ exclaim her great physic and Mr. 265 beamed as he said Samantha's name.

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