Friday, November 14, 2014

Thorough Massage

Ellah was all over Idris again last night as she gave him a thorough massage, easing all his aches and pains. Things looked very steamy as she clambered onto his back, then flipped him over to massage his shoulders. However, the mood soon changed when JJ stepped in to help Ellah.

Trezagah had Macky2, Tayo and Mr. 265 in stitches, giving a shout out to everyone under the sun from Africa and its nations to all his fellow housemates. He was hell bent on having fun at tonight’s party, throwing his arm around Idris and saying: "Tomorrow we are going to clean the Jacuzzi." A befuddled Idris asked why and Trezagah's simple response was: "So we can have fun!" What did you think of Trezagah's shout outs?

His mission before that was to gather his group so that they could work on their extravaganza. One of the few people not sharing in the happy, crazy mood was Sheillah. She glanced menacingly at Trezagah and warned him not to touch her.

He was not at all happy with her frosty response and told her as much. The situation looked set to explode, but in an interesting turn of events the volatile Tayo stepped in and calmly told her to control herself. He then pulled Trezagah outside so that they could carry on with their drumming and rapping.

Tonight it's time for the Hotshots to party on. Will they get through the day without scratching each other's eyes out in angry fights? Stay tuned to find out what goes down during the day, before joining the housemates for another party.

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