Tuesday, November 18, 2014


With the house choc-a-bloc full of old and new blood, still getting to know one another and flexing that old intimidation muscle, it was a task to get through the tasks themselves. But Biggie didn't waste any time reminding the rambunctious bunch that the Hotshots had already lost a wager or two, so no one – old or new – was above that fate.

However, forging on, in this task housemates were to pay homage to African music, culture and entertainment in light of the upcoming and highly anticipated Channel O Music Video Awards. The housemates were introduced to a task called Channel O Hotshots Best #TIA Track.

Designed especially for the mock Big Brother Channel O category, housemates were instructed to team up with their countrymates and compose a song to be laid down in Biggie's special recording booth on Thursday. The tracks will all be automatically entered into this mock Channel O awards category for a panel of judges to decide on a winner. There is also a grand prize up for grabs.

The theme was to turn to archaic notions of Africa as the "dark continent", back in the old days when simply saying "This Is Africa" came with all sorts of negative connotations. The objective of this task, however, was to flip the script on history and turn the destructive ideas into positive affirmations of our shining and diverse continent.

They were tasked to attach #TIA (This is Africa) to their songs in order to generate a positive #TIA message to promote Africa and the countries featured in the tracks.

Once countries were picked housemates were to get into pairs and groups with their countrymates and start brainstorming ideas around meaningful African tunes. They were to use their time to learn something new about the countries chosen from respective housemates.

New was supposed to integrate with old and share ideas. But with the old housemates on a significant mission to rile up, stir up, shake things up simple tasks were turning into a carnival affair. All the rehearsing that the Hotshots had gotten used to was flung out the window as they watched drama after drama unfold.

Would the ex-housemates jeopardise the Hotshots' chance of winning their wager?

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