Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time To Focus

To help the housemates with their silent movie task, Big Brother gave them caption boards. These would be used to tell the story, while the music would set the mood. They had already worked with a pianist, who assisted them with their score and now it was time to expand the task by getting creative with the written word.

Sipe, summoned to the diary room by Biggie's buzzer, read the latest task brief telling them that the caption boards were to be used to provide extra information about characters, plot, time and setting, as well as provide snippets of dialogue.

Housemates had to choose the lines from their script that would best convey all these important story elements. Once they had decided which lines they would incorporate, they were to write them on the caption boards with permanent markers.

They also had to decide who would be the caption board presenter in each team during the presentation. Each presenter would also get a special suit to wear. Considering how much they all love the spotlight, who do you think will step up the plate to take on this important role, while taking a backseat on the juicer acting bits?

Several housemates went to work immediately, honing their script for the task; while others continued preparing lunch. The presentation is mere hours away so hopefully, once they've refueled, they will start directing their focus on rehearsals. With a 100% wager on the task, they have a lot at stake. Do you think they will win again?

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