Saturday, November 29, 2014

Touching Words

It seems seeing her mom and hearing her words of advice gave Ellah a new strength. Something that she needed after being tripped up by love in the house. Her mother’s measure rubbed off on her and she was able to deal her situation with Idris with a bit more perspective. Idris was always secretly throwing jabs and trying to use Ellah in his game, so when he heard that her mom warned her to stop “kissing” on people he was offended.

After his own mother had somewhat admonished his fling with Ellah when she told him that beauty was not always a good thing Idris stepped back and broke things off with the Ugandan beauty. However, knowing Idris to be the wishy-washy type he was back at her door begging for mercy after trying again – and failing again – with Goitse. Ellah and her reputation were unlucky to be dragged in the mud through Idris’ back and forth. Unlike Goitse Ellah was weak to Idris’ charm and sadly always found herself with egg on her face.

So when her mother said to her “no more tears Stella” Ellah heeded her instruction. As she ran about the house expressing her love for her mom, how the moment touched her and how she didn’t want to fail her mother she also promised herself she wasn’t going to be played for a fool anymore. Upstairs Butterphly and JJ told Idris that Ellah’s mom’s comment was directed at him because even she, like his own mother, could tell that theirs was a bad romance.

Idris withdrew to the garden and put on a sulky face. Ellah saw this and weighed in to find out what was the matter. In a nutshell Idris was upset at what Ellah’s mom had said. He also convinced himself that it was unfair of friends to make him feel so bad by reminding him of his past indiscretions. She blamed Ellah, of course, for everything.

While Ellah handled it with grace, trying to reason with him over the events that have led up to this point, she was fed up of Idris taking no responsibility for his action; for all the hurt he caused her. This obviously hit a nerve with Idris who then stood up and stormed off.

Moments later, naturally, he ran back to Ellah all hugs and kisses, to apologise. Could we be seeing another serial apologist in the house, in the form of Idris? 

Either way, by the looks of things, Ellah was getting her groove back.


  1. i pray that tayo doesnt win, Amen. voting for ella this sunday cant miss this sexy gal. Mam bea for the money

    1. Mumu!kip praying 4 nothing...weda he wins or not TAYO is a winner!

  2. Look at d kind of prayer u pray 4 ur fellow human been. Bad belly God is not a wicked man. Greatest tayo

  3. You can say whtever you want by all means ,.,,wht i did is vote for Tayo because i can imagine how the house wil be wothout him so nna i voted .,,.,,Tayo to stay till the lastday te-amo Africa ,,,,,.,......,.,.,,,.,'''''Tayo for the Money as he pronounce it Moniiiiiieeee haahahaha i love his accent though hahahahhaha Tayooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Tayo is d hotshots, without him no hotshots.

  5. Tayo is d hotshots, without him no hotshots.

  6. Whatever ll mk Tayo go home today dats d end of big brother for me

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  8. Tayo alll d way