Saturday, November 08, 2014

Trouble After Trouble

This morning things turned from hot to hostile after Tayo and some of the boys got into it again. The game was morphing into quite an animal and rapidly so. Strategies were shifting gears quicker and sharper than ever before. This of course meant the house was also becoming a tricky terrain and somewhat of a war zone.

Ever the observer and calculator Nhlanhla steered clear of the kitchen where some of the housemates gathered and trash-talked Tayo. As he pumped the iron he kept his eye people's behaviour and drew out each of their motives in a conversation with Permithias.

Prior to this he handed a hot and bothered Tayo some pearls of wisdom, advising him to keep his wits about him in the game, while they both assassinated Samantha's character and game inside the house. Nhlanhla even went as far as calling her a pretty face with a dark heart.

Later on he told Permithias that Mr. 265 was sneaky and often used someone as a conduit for his own selfish agenda. He was able to smile in your face while laughing at people behind their backs. He also said that Tayo needed to step up to the plate and start taking ownership of his actions.

He and Permithias agreed that things people were letting their emotions get ahead of them and were slowly starting to burst at the seams. Everyone, that is, but them.


  1. Nhlanhla is BAD!!

  2. Thanks Nlanlah you said it all that Samantha is a pretty face with a black heart.

  3. Samantha the snake..

  4. this Samantha is sooooo ugly, Ellah all the way. Team Ug

  5. Samantha the donkey kong