Monday, November 17, 2014

Truths Coming Out

This morning hindsight reigned over the house as Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris reflected on Samantha following her exit last night. This after they fleshed out the matter of the incoming ex-housemates, as promised in the eviction show last night. They also, of course, put on a show about how well versed they are in the art of the Big Brother game.

Yesterday after Samantha and Mr. 265 were given their marching orders housemates were told to expect visitors as they learned that ex-housemates from various previous seasons of Big Brother Africa would be descending into their Hotshots abode to add a little spice to their - and our - lives. Nhlanhla and JJ – the original masterminds – poked this twist from every which angle casting doubt over the whole situation.

JJ confessed that he felt Biggie was pranking them while Nhlanhla complained that it was unfair competition using the analogy of running a race and finding out along the way that the finish line had been pushed back and stronger contenders joined in the race. Basically it was unfair competition giving the ex-housemates an unfair advantage. Nhlanhla, echoing his beau Sheillah, went on to say that he was not intimidated by Luclay and neither should JJ be nervous of Vimbai's entrance.

Then JJ finally said to Idris the thing we've been waiting for him to come out with; that he indeed was envious of Idris and Samantha's relationship. With Samantha now a fallen flower, JJ was able to come out in the open about how strongly he felt about her and how it puzzled him the way Idris would carry on with her knowing his feelings. He felt that Idris was in a closer position to her which he envied, but then again he didn’t want to be "friend-zoned". Judging by Samantha's chat on stage with IK last night JJ was more in the "friend-zone" than Idris was.

The boys explained to Idris that he had somewhat breached the guy code by being so affectionate with Samantha, the object of his friend JJ’s affection. To which Idris responded "but you also cuddled Goitse," way before he befriended Samantha. This was most revealing and makes us wonder was there ever a real friendship between Samantha and Idris or was he using her as rebound as well as a give JJ a taste of his own medicine?

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