Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Unexpected Outcome

Well what do you know, the housemates lost their wager again. Just like that. It appeared their silent movies failed to impress Biggie, or should we say Biggie's inappropriate little sister or perhaps alter ego? either way she was clearly large and in charge. Caught completely unawares housemates simply could not believe nor trust the outcome. Tayo insisted over and over again that it just could not be.

After all their practicing with the pianist, the costumes, set, props and their effort it seemed Biggie had left them in the care – or lack of care – of his harsh counterpart. Feeling robbed, fooled and abandoned housemates each skirted around their emotions trying hard to avoid reaching their boiling points.

The silent movies performed by each team were entertaining and housemates did their best to live up to the brief, rehearsing night and day, taking direction from the pianist and finally looking the part.

From what we could tell team A's story line centred around a little boy who was being bullied at school and got into trouble for trying to fit in. Sheillah and Trezagah threw themselves in their roles as the bullies while Ellah was his poor mother, caught in the middle in a bid to protect her son.

Team B's movie was a love story with Tayo at the centre of what seemed like a love triangle. After courting the Goitse she fell head over heels for him. Along the way he met a girl named Samantha and it was like love at first sight – ironically enough. One thing led to the next and Tayo was forced to make a decision and pick one. He picked Samantha and for Goitse this spelled the end, how could she live, if living was without him? Their movie ends tragically with her tying a noose around her neck to kill herself.

Like they did in the old days of silent movies, housemates were to promote Style Up, a proudly Africa hair brand.

But things were different with Biggie's inappropriate sister, to her all the "over acting, prancing around and bad singing" amounted to zilch because it simply failed to impress her. In her assessment over the week housemates left a lot to be desired when it came to team work and there was a lot of snoozing and in the background. With their attention focused on squabbling and pushing one another's buttons they didn't give 100% effort this week.

With Biggie's much harsher alter ego, would housemates survive this new captain steering the ship in a rather inappropriate – albeit funny and frank – manner?

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