Thursday, November 27, 2014

United In Song

Yesterday was detailed with a display of colourful food as the housemates were preparing for the Wednesday presentation. Biggie also brought in South African chef James Diack to teach the Hotshots a thing or two about how to present colourful and tasty meals.

All the guests that Biggie brought into the house to teach housemates about food were not brought in in vain as housemates showed that they had learnt much. The task presentation, themed "the colours of Africa", went very well as the housemates won the 100% wager. Their food was indeed very colourful and as tasty (according to the judges); from the entrée round right through to dessert.

Besides all the food business in the house, Biggie also continued with the freeze tasks and brought in additional family members of two housemates. Butterphly wept after her mother had left and Idris felt conflicted by his mother's visit and thought that her words communicated a whole lot more about his relationships with the girls in the house.

Speaking of the girls, Goitse was again seemingly irritated by Idris' revelation of his feelings for her; on the other hand, Ellah was left in tears after Idris told her that he had no real feelings for her and that he only pursued something with her because he felt she needed the relationship. This love triangle was always a complicated one.

After Figgie had announced that the housemates had won the 100% wager, some of them sat outside and started singing and bonded over Permithias' songs. Housemates sang and even started composing their own song. The evening did not end on too much of a bad note as a couple of songs always saved the day.

Today we wait to see what challenges the day will bring and who will receive a message from home.


  1. good going Idris this ellah gal will mess up ur game go for the cool calm an collected Goitse atlist

  2. Idris is saying his heart and dats d truth. Ellah wanted d relationship. As her strategy in d house. Probably she may not even be in love with him sef. She flirts with kaycee moore idris and even JJ.. She is a player I think.

  3. Unfortunatly Idris doesnot have d wisdom2woo Goitse.. From what I saw with luclay and Goitse, she isn't dat much of a had2get girl with a sweet composed player guy..(Luclay) goitse needs someone dat will show her all d green light dat he cares.. But make himself as a had2get guy by hanging her in d air with his crushy feelings 2wards her but Yet is not asking her out. Den U will see her saying words like.. If he likes me why isn't he asking me out.. What is he waiting for.. And she will start telling her friends. Do U think he likes me? And next she wud fall in his Arms. Dats Goitse!

  4. Goitse is rioght not to give into Idris, he is too confused a boy.If u like Goitse stick to Goitse.He just lost it all.Sorry Idris