Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vexed Nhlanhla

This morning after pumping some iron in the garden Nhlanhla and JJ made off like a pair of biddy's and did their laundry. With more than couple of gripes and things to get off their chest they promptly aired out their laundry about their respective beaus – or would-be beaus Sheillah and Samantha.

Looks like Nhlanhla is shedding his cooler-as-a-cucumber sensibilities about love, the game and everything else. Having clearly taken a knock to the ego at being nominated last week he seemed to be developing something of a god-complex after learning that not only was he saved from eviction on Sunday night but he was immune for another week as a part of the winning extravaganza team from Comedy Week.

With that chip firm on his shoulder he told JJ that he reprimanded the wife, Sheillah, last night for a couple of domestic indiscretions. Firstly, he found it unacceptable that she was making food for other guys in the house when she forbade him to do so for the other ladies. He was even more vexed that it took Tayo pointing this out to her and she still wasn't getting it.

His second bone of contention centred around what he considered bad influence from the vocal, feisty and straight-talking Samantha. He told her to "stop acting like Samantha" for some or other insecure reason. We wonder if this was how the story really unfolded from Sheillah's side and also whether she would have stood back while he spoke to her like how he was making seem to JJ.

Was Nhlanhla becoming a controlling mister and which part of his game was this?

While Samantha might be giving JJ a sure run, at least he knew that all that chiding Nhlanhla was reportedly doing would simply not fly with Samantha.

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