Monday, November 03, 2014

Vocal Harmony

It was a very good morning for housemates as they woke up for vocal training with RJ Benjamin. He taught them about harmonising, using 'I Believe I Can Fly' as an example, before splitting them into different vocal ranges to start their own harmony. 

RJ was very happy with the housemates' results, telling them that once they were all into the song they remained in key. They sounded good together and various housemates jumped in to do solos, including Permithias, Frankie and JJ.

Telling them that harmonising was all about listening, it was the perfect training to do after a tense creative week, with members of the Extravaganza teams not seeing eye to eye. They carried on building the song, throwing in human beat boxes and a bit of freestyling. The fact that all the housemates were gathered in the lounge was a mark of how much they enjoyed the session, because there are usually one or two housemates who skip morning sessions to sleep in or start breakfast.

After vocal training it was time to hit the gym outside, while a massive breakfast was prepared in the kitchen. Mr. 265, Macky2 and Frankie hung around the gym discussing the merits of an afternoon nap, stating it was all right to get some shut eye during the day and then throw everything into getting ready for their tasks and extravaganzas. The first task they'll have to contend with this week is battling it out for Head of House, so make sure you don't miss it!

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