Sunday, November 02, 2014

Week 4 Roundup

This morning as the nominated housemates got their hair done, JJ was out of the chair for once. Thanks to a puzzle he cracked that won him the Head of House title the often unlucky artiste from Zimbabwe was safe for another precious week in the house.

For the likes of Kacey Moore, Sheillah and Arthur, however, it was their first time to prune and preen in a bid to soften the blow of a possible eviction only hours away.

As the sun set on Performance Week, this marked the end of yet another gruelling week of rehearsals, performance; a rewarding week none-the-less.

With each week Biggie gave the housemates a new tasks to challenge their performance skills by adding diversity, discipline, conviction and feeling to their delivery. This week they were exposed to two new forms of dance and performance. First in a Stomp task which they were merge with the Shadow Dance extravaganza piece.

Housemates learned how to craft instruments out of found materials and compose electric and emotive music steeped in percussion. Goitse, Tayo amd Ellah took swiftly to challenge as they drummed and hummed their way through rehearsals creating energetic and proudly African ditties with attitude.  

They Stomped their way to success as they won their wager and were treated to pizza for all their efforts. After last week’s loss housemates understood that 100% hard work and consistency meant a 100% wager win.

Then they had to scale up their scope of performance in the Shadow Dance extravaganza piece which presented a different set of nerves as they had to, again, get to grips with the style and materials. Based on Indonesian puppetry in which the shadows of the puppets are cast on a lit back drop.

While tricky at first they managed to create one of the most spectacular extravaganza pieces so far. They sure took a possible negative and made it a positive with Macky2 weaving a catchy hook and rhyme to his dialogue as the money hungry suit from the city.

Both teams married their talents with their newly acquired Stomping and Shadow Dancing skills.

The house was also visited by ghosts, zombies, ogres and vampires as the eerie breeze of Halloween came swooping in through corridor for Friday’s nights party. The housemates dug into their trunk of trick and treats and came out primed for a dark night of thrill seeking sponsor Jameson.

While Ellah and Idris walked out a matching Mister and Misses Dracula, JJ, The Joker, failed to get a smile out of Samantha as she told him she won't be the subject of his game-playing.

This week we also saw Goitse leap forth with gusto from her shell of reserve. She could be seen flirting with abandon around the house and being a drummer girl on a mission in the Stomp task rehearsals.

Her former gentleman caller, Idris, wasn't so lucky this week after Biggie laid down the law. He was found guilty of losing his temper and breaking a door last week and was sentenced to "lackey-hood" which meant running from pillar to post as JJ's flunky for 48 hours. This taught the lad a lesson in keeping a handle on rage inside Biggie's house. He also learned that Goitse and he were not meant to be. But were they ever going to be a thing of the past?

Finally, for all us love addicts, Kacey Moore and Ellah were most certainly our fix this week. While Kacey Moore continued to refer to the Ugandan beaut as his "little sister", the pair got much too close for that kind of comfort as they shared plenty of intimate moment. Ellah also couldn’t resist the flirtations of one Idris. We'd be keeping a close eye – and raised brow – on their curious friendship and possible love triangle.

As we moved into somewhat of the mid mark in the game we couldn't wait to see housemates step up not only their skills but also step up their game in the house.

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